5 Things Collision Got Us Excited About in New Tech

by Kelly Walborn

We had the pleasure of attending Collision Conference 2015 in Las Vegas, NV this last week. The experience of Collision was well rounded and what you would hope to see from a technology conference plus so much more when adding the startup component. A lounge for startups and a separate lounge for investors along with private rooms helped define the “collide” experience at Collision. Besides the informative seminars and panels about “practical” areas such as culture, product management, team management, successful scaling and so on, we found 5 new areas of technology at Collision that we wanted to share.


More than just wearable watches. Connected smart socks. Connected performance enhancing sports wear. There seems to be a startup for it all. What was most inspirational was seeing how pressurized sensors can be built into clothing, like socks to help monitor activity and distance. There was even a separate panel about “Wearable Tech” on the Breakthrough Stage where we were happy to see all 5 members on the panel sporting the new Apple Watch™.

Augmented Reality

Startup “Augmented Class!”, based out of Spain has created an education platform to create augmented reality resources without any technical experience. When connected to the application, you can scroll over education cards and see how items function in reality vs. paper. This is the first of many new education platforms we hope to see coming out in this particular space.


Service bots. Robots that move faster than humans. Connected bicycles. Security home monitoring system. Connected toothbrush to provide analytics on your brushing routines. Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics technology group graced the center stage Day 1 at Collision touching on some of the amazing new advancements robotics are making in the world today. Some robots can travel faster than human however they tend to have more difficulty in a dynamic environment. Seeing a future of service robots start to come about is just the least of what we can expect.

3D printing

The winner of the Collision Conference Startup PITCH Competition was a company that is bringing 3D printing to reality named RE:3D. Their co-founder brought a stool on stage printed with their flagship technology in industrial strength printing. Their future vision stretches as far as having trash eventually be the main “resource” needed to fuel future machines. Literally creating useful products out of garbage is the vision with this robotics engineering team.


As controversial of a topic as it may be, Collision invited Brendan Kennedy of Privateer Holdings to speak on center stage about the Future of the Cannabis Industry as well as a hosted private round table discussion on the topic as well. The right brands and technology can “fuel the change and apply legitimacy” to this every growing industry. There is a micro-economy that is powering the current Cannabis Industry in both Medical states and Adult-use states like Washington and Colorado. The opportunities for growth and technology in this new space will help define efficiency and long term production.

Other Items to Note:

Data is (still) Everything!

Collision placed RFID chips in everyone’s name badges in attendance at the conference. Over 7,500 attendees with all their movements being tracked. There were also multiple survey stands throughout the different sections of the conference and the exit to the states where attendees could select from 4 different emojiis expressing feelings while the conference collected the results.

All in all it was a wonderful experience. Collision is currently offering 2 for 1 discount codes on their website for anyone interested in attending next year, 2016.

For more pictures from Collision, visit this link.

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