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MEV is a software development company based in the United States and Ukraine. It was named after the mega-electronvolt, a unit of energy measurement in physics. We convert our own energy into creating valuable products with high quality, and we value it over quick results.

Since 2006 our team has delivered dozens of projects: from mobile apps to heavily loaded distributed IoT platforms and Big Data analytics systems.

We maintain a product culture in an outsourced business and continuously improve processes by providing an environment where everyone has a voice and influence over the final result.

We earn our trust time and again through careful planning and implementation and care for our employees, each of whom is an essential part of MEV Energy.

what we do
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    Product Development

    Delivering Results through Collaborative Product Development

    At MEV, we believe that the core of product development is passionate people building great technology for the right reasons.

    When you partner with us, you gain an expert team of pragmatic craftspeople that will get to the heart of the issue and build the right products with you. Let’s work together to build amazing things!

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    Technology Consulting

    Connecting You With Dedicated Technology Allies

    MEV are your allies in technology and business. With MEV, you get access to expert engineers who leverage their knowledge and experience to help you answer the toughest questions.

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    MVP Development

    Developing the Right Solutions, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons

    To help you build the right solution, we start by understanding your vision and developing a course of action around it. Sometimes the best solution is different than you anticipate.

    We factor in all aspects of development to design a cost-effective MVP to help you to achieve product-market fit.

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    A Partnership with Continued Support and Maintenance

    We believe in product sustainability; that’s why we build products that last. We deliver ongoing cost-effective support and proactive maintenance long after a product is launched to ensure the technology always runs at its best.

  • our clients

    We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies over the past 15 years to boost development capabilities

    • voxy

      eLearning company

    • rapaport

      Diamond trading and investment company

    • booya

      Fitness video platform

    • quantuvis

      Healthcare software company

    • avadel

      Specialty pharmaceutical company

    • intuit

      Business and financial software company

    • daiichi-sankyo

      Global pharmaceutical company

    • novo-nordisk

      Global healthcare company

    • cartier

      Luxury goods conglomerate

    • simplr

      Entrepreneur’s customer service solution

    • his

      Real estate tech company

    • lumigrow

      Smart LED grow solutions provider

    • gemini

      Data infrastructure solution provider

    • coursehorse

      Educational classes marketplace

    • PillowPh

    • asembia

      Leading specialty pharmacy and pharmaceutical solutions provider

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    • 7 Mile Advisors

      7 Mile Advisors

    clients say

    The MEV Team, bottom to top, rank world class for design, development and ongoing customer care. They continue to support our application even years after initial development!

    Kirkland, General Manager & Program Director at Mountain Trek

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    1212 Broadway Plaza, 2nd floor

    Walnut Creek, CA


    1212 Broadway Plaza, 2nd floor

    Walnut Creek, CA

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