MEV solution facilitates reporting for Pursuant, a fundraising and marketing agency, and enables future growth

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MEV solution facilitates reporting for Pursuant, a fundraising and marketing agency, and enables future growth

Pursuant is a fundraising and marketing agency that uses analytics powered by its donor engagement platform to drive direct response services for the nonprofit sector. Founded in 2001, Pursuant is based in Dallas, Texas.

Product management
Software Development

Pursuant account managers use internal reports to gauge the effectiveness of their clients’ marketing campaigns and guide their clients in decision making.
These reports are generated using client data, which can include everything from a donor’s age and location to the actual donation amount, frequency of donation, and response rate to email campaigns.

Unfortunately, Pursuant’s on-premise SQL database was not designed for easy reporting capabilities. The Pursuant development team had to manually prep the data for the company’s analyst team.

In response, Pursuant launched a technology initiative to improve its reporting capabilities, derive business insights, and move towards a scalable AWS environment.

The team tackled the first phase on its own: shifting its SQL database server and related services to the AWS Cloud.

client challenges

As part of its technology initiative, Pursuant also wanted to create a more traditional data warehouse and ETL pipeline that would automate data transformation and eliminate manual processes.

But it faced two challenges:
Time Constraints

The Pursuant team was small and actively engaged in servicing the company’s external clients, so it lacked bandwidth.

Lack of Expertise

Even though the team wanted to work on the data warehouse project, it didn’t have AWS experience.

The MEV team quickly got to work for Pursuant and made good on the following deliverables:
01/Proof of concept

Within the first month, MEV developed a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate that its architecture for the data warehouse and data pipeline was scalable and could work with different types of data to generate insights with minimal effort.

02/Data warehouse and Data Pipeline MVP

Next, MEV built a minimal viable product (MVP) of the data warehouse, using a star schema approach, and automated the data pipeline. The MEV team also incorporated multi-tenant architecture to avoid large client-to-client adaptations.


MEV onboarded the data of three Pursuant clients to methodically test the solution. The data was kept in a sandbox to ensure testing did not interfere with live data.

The MEV team are technology experts, everyone from the primary developer to the senior engineer and project manager

When we had to make tough technical decisions, they always
presented options to my team and explained the implications.
I always felt they had our best interests in mind.”

Tim Thornburg
AVP Database and Solutions Development

After completing the project, MEV provided documentation to Pursuant to help the development team effectively manage the project.


01/ On time, under budget

Mev completed the data warehouse and data pipeline project on time – within 6 months – and slightly under budget, thanks to correct staffing levels.

02/ Platform That Integrates

Built a framework that business and account executives could use to drive business

03/ Scalable: Pursuant is now poised for future growth

Ready for additional clients

The new data warehouse and data pipeline is a scalable, automated solution that enables Pursuant to easily generate internal reports on additional clients.

New projects

It also ensures the company can explore options to develop a self-service portal to allow clients easy access to data and reports.

The MEV team were excellent communicators, even though English is not their native language.

They were very thorough, very complete, and easy to work with. And they did an amazing job of handing off the project to my team”

Tim Thornburg
AVP Database and Solutions Development
technologies we use
Apache Spark
Apache Parquet
AWS Database Migration Service
AWS Redshift Spectrum
AWs Glue
AWS EventBridge
AWS Lambda
AWS CloudFormation

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