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A Two-Part Internal System to Optimize the
Luxury Business

about project

In 2012, MEV partnered with Cartier to fix their old extranet system. We designed a two-part system to optimize their internal communications platform and improve the tracking and management of their high-end pieces.

Cartier is a world-renowned luxury goods conglomerate specializing in jewelry manufacturing and watchmaking.

  • French luxury jeweler founded in 1847.
  • Currently operates over 200 stores in more than 125 countries across the globe.

When we entered the partnership with Cartier, they already possessed an internal communications system.

Product management
Software Development
the Problem
01/An Inefficient Internal Communications System

As a flourishing company, it was essential for Cartier to maintain a practical internal communications system that would allow them to navigate their day-to-day business seamlessly. While Cartier possessed an extranet, the system was inefficient, with functionality not well suited to the structure and size of Cartier’s business team.

02/A Lack of Data Management

As a global luxury jeweler, Cartier prioritized manufacturing goods, focusing less on software solutions to manage other aspects of the business. Cartier possessed a vast amount of information on its luxury pieces. However, the data was scattered across the company, making it tough for sales associates and other employees to track physically. To improve their data management, they needed an inventory management system to centralize the data on their luxury pieces.

what they needed

In order to optimize the extranet to suit the business, Cartier and MEV agreed that updates should be made to the old system.

Cartier’s team would benefit most from an accessible system tailored to their central needs. A simple inventory management system would also allow their sales team to make the best use of the data they possessed on their luxury jewelry.
Optimized internal communications system
Effective inventory management system
what we did
01/Partnered with Cartier to Develop a Custom Extranet System

Cartier initially partnered with MEV to rework their old extranet. During the first year of our partnership, we developed a deeper understanding of Cartier and its concerns. Rather than adjust their old system, we determined that it would be more beneficial to work with Cartier to build an entirely new extranet, one personalized to their team.

While their old extranet possessed some impressive features, it was far more complex than Cartier required. Designing a simplified extranet would be much more valuable to Cartier’s non-technical team. We agreed to replace their old system with a custom-built, user-friendly extranet to support the team. MEV built the new extranet system using an open-source LAMP stack. We succeeded in creating a system that was reasonably priced and far more manageable for the Cartier team.

02/Created a High-Speed, User-Friendly Inventory Management System

We also developed The High Jewelry Search tool for Cartier, an inventory management search tool designed to track and manage data on the company’s high-end pieces. We created the search tool using Xapian, which allowed it to operate at high speeds and incorporated the features necessary to optimize efficiency and user experience. The High Jewelry Search tool was simple, lightweight, and easy to use, allowing any Cartier sales associate to search specs on various items.

03/A Complex Challenge Ahead

The initial partnership between Cartier and MEV presented a plethora of challenges. Along with developing a new internal communications system and a centralized inventory management system, the project also required practical communication between MEV, Cartier, and other stakeholders in the luxury business.
In addition, we needed to create a project roadmap and establish a working process that benefited all parties involved.

04/A Successful Course of Action

To meet Cartier’s needs, MEV navigated various stakeholders within each department to get the necessary approval to proceed with the project. We thoroughly examined and fixed Cartier’s old extranet system, but ultimately determined that building a new one would benefit Cartier the most. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to spearhead the project within the company and custom-build a system aligned with Cartier’s core needs. After building the new system, we migrated Cartier’s data and formatted the data to fit the new system.

05/A Human Relationship

We developed a positive working relationship with the Cartier team throughout our partnership. Our engineers worked diligently with each department to design a system commensurate with their needs. MEV built a strong bond with the Cartier team and maintained a human touch throughout the process

06/A Successful Partnership with Positive Results

The new system included a centralized data, training, and communications platform, allowing Cartier’s team to increase productivity.

Cartier’s team was delighted with the new system, with many finding it easier to use. MEV continued to support Cartier’s system for many years, eventually updating the system to include training and staff developmented to support Cartier’s system for many years, eventually updating the system to include training and staff development.



Highly responsive and functional nature of the new extranet increased overall internal user activity


Eventual addition of modules to fit the needs of other departments within the company


New systems streamlined the business, lowering overall costs to the company


Built two-part system that increased Cartier’s productivity


Developed successful partnership


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