Aristotle Circle

A Full-Service Internal and Client-Facing Platform Built from the Ground Up

Aristotle Circle needed to replace an outdated system to keep up with their growing company. MEV created a new one, complete with an easy-to-use backend and client-facing interface that made life easier for internal staff, clients, and tutors.
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About Aristotle Circle

Founded in 2008, Aristotle Circle offers test preparation, school admissions counseling, and professional tutoring for all subjects and academic levels. In 2013, the business had two separate facets.

  • The first was a professional tutoring service that matched students with professional tutors.
  • The second was an immensely popular peer-to-peer platform that allowed students to meet in online groups to study together and tutor one another.

When MEV partnered with Aristotle Circle, the company had already paired thousands of students with tutors and was swiftly growing.

Client’s Challenges

01/An Outdated Tech Platform

Aristotle Circle was an innovative company with the potential to capitalize on the public’s increased desire for highly tailored educational services. But they had a big problem: they needed a sturdy business management system to support the entirety of their business operations. While Aristotle did possess a technology platform, it did not run at the level required to manage the growing business.

Aristotle’s previous system was obsolete, and its poor construction continued to cause the company issues. System failures were common, costing the business each time they occurred as employees were forced to halt their activities until the system was repaired.

02/Unnecessary Amounts of Manual Labor

Much of Aristotle Circle’s business was operated semi-manually, and their lack of automation put an undue burden on employees. The system’s inflexibility meant that staff was required to export & manipulate data by hand. And employees had to spend much of their time patching together their work from other software programs and offline efforts.

The platform could not support Aristotle’s users either. Instead of scheduling tutoring sessions online, users had to call to schedule appointments, creating further issues for the company, its customers, and employees.

What We Did

Optimized their Business through a Single User-Friendly Platform

MEV created a team to fill in the missing elements preventing Aristotle Circle’s digital transformation. The team covered various functions, including product management, business analysis, and UI design, as well as software development, testing, and infrastructure. The team helped Aristotle rebuild its entire business management system.

The developers custom-built a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline the business. The new system allowed Aristotle to run both sides of its business through a single platform. The system was built using several technologies, including Angular JS, ExtJS, MySQL, PHP, and Zend framework.

Made Life Easier for Aristotle Circle Employees

Our developers transformed Aristotle Circle’s old platform through process automation, making the fragmented and resource-intensive platform more clean and efficient. This allowed Aristotle to lean out their business, which greatly reduced the strain on employees to run operations manually.

The new system can support all aspects of both businesses, including an easy-to-use backend for Aristotle employees to manage payroll, screening, training, and matching an ever-growing number of users.

Provided Continued Support

Aristotle Circle’s custom-built ERP has been operating effectively since 2013 without requiring major updates. MEV also created extensive documentation for the entire system that would serve as a blueprint for all design, development, and maintenance aspects. Aristotle’s new system allowed the company to unlock its true potential by advancing its operations and minimizing the need for manual intervention.


  • Fewer hiccups in software function and freeing up human resources meant the company could grow its user base and speed up its operations.
  • A centralized platform that integrates four different systems allows tutors, clients, and staff to easily navigate their respective web applications and do their jobs frustration-free.
  • Users have increasingly easy access to their applications, including via mobile devices.
  • The software was so successful that Aristotle Circle could sell it to another company for their business use, introducing an additional source of revenue.



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