MEV freed up time and locked in secure, HIPAA compliant data management

Regional pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) PillowPH wanted to grow their business, but were trying to manage multiple data feeds manually. By building an enterprise-grade, HIPAA compliant data system, MEV helped them to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • ETL
  • Custom Reporting
  • API
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Software Development
  • Infrastructure and Devops

About PillowPh

Founded in 2016, PillowPH is a regional Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) that provides full-service PBMs for Employer and Union benefits plans. Their services include benefit plan design and administration, network management, and analytics reporting. They provide comfort to pharmacy benefit plan sponsors with a service philosophy that’s approachable for clients, members, doctors and pharmacies. They are committed to simplicity, real-time mobile technology and a user-friendly approach to pharmahealth.

Client’s Challenges

Data Storage, Management, and Reporting

PillowPH received healthcare data from multiple feeds, and this data needed to be stored, processed, and delivered in reports to customers. Additionally, they needed all of these things to be done in a way that was HIPAA compliant.

Accurate System that Made Room for Growth

The company was using a suboptimal approach with their data, and it was mostly being handled manually. Not only did this approach take up a lot of time, it also made them vulnerable to reporting errors—something that could end up being a major issue.

What We Did

MEV used its deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical data to create a solution to manage, process and organize multiple data feeds according to industry standards and regulations.


Data Management System

Over the years, MEV had built expertise working with the same data sources that Pillow PH was dealing with such as pricing data from Medispan.

MEV constructed an ETL layer to collect and normalize the data, an enterprise database to store it in a HIPAA compliant way, an API layer for data access and a custom reporting module to maximize value of the data and improve customer experience.


Ongoing Support

As an ally and a partner, once the system was built, MEV assisted in its launch and also trained PillowPH employees in how to competently and confidently use it. MEV continues to support the system’s operation using our Support Service offering.


  • More capabilities and space to increase their customer network
  • Decreased financial risks and legal liabilities through replacing a manual data management process
  • More accurate and comprehensive data reports
  • Data reports were easier for customers to understand and use

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