OpenStudy is an educational social network that connects students from around the world so they can get help and give help, on subjects ranging from Algebra to Biology to Physics. With over 2.3 million unique visitors on their website, OpenStudy worked with MEV to expand their services to a mobile platform.

Open Study conversion


To adapt the rich and extensive feature set of the website to the mobile platform. Building and designing the app so that it can can expand along with OpenStudy’s ever changing website. Making sure that both the site and the app worked seamlessly.

OpenStudy_3 Across


Initially starting with an iPhone app, the UX needed to be intuitive and familiar to longtime OpenStudy users. One major challenge, was adapting the extremely rich feature set for a mobile experience. We worked closely with the client to refine the application down to its core elements allowing us to create a focused experience that can grow and change in future iterations.


The User Interface Design went through different iterations to nail down a direction that maintains consistency with their websites design while still moving their brand identity forward with an updated, distinctive look. While the UI needed to be bright and fun it also had to facilitate a clarity and ease of use throughout the app.

OpenSTudy_Style Guide


The UI Style guide

We painstakingly created a custom UI that was pixel perfect across multiple pixel densities. For many of our projects we build a comprehensive UI Style Guide to create and manage the assets for multiple resolutions.



Since launching the iPhone app we have continued to work with OpenStudy through a constant cycle of iterative analysis and product development. The results of this work will be extensive new capabilities scheduled to be released in early 2015.

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