NimbleTool™ is a data analytics and visualization software built for pharmaceutical companies. The goal of the system is to help the sales force and pull-through management understand market structure and major forces operating within a market. NimbleTool is available both on Web and on iPad, allowing employees to easily find the information they need to increase productivity and sales.

NimbleTool integrates 16 external data sources and systems, all of which are proprietary with the exception of US ZCTA(zipcode tabulation areas) data that comes from US Government Census Bureau and is used to calculate proprietary geographies for the sales areas.


Built solely on open source technology stack, NimbleTool is operating over a large number of distinct data sets, performing various ETL and data augmentation operations. The system is broken down into 2 major sub-systems – reporting frontend (pictured above) and processing backend that performs all the data parsing, transformation and loading.

Some of the technologies we used:
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