Live To Give wanted to make it easy for people like them to raise money for important issues that they cared about. Founders Josh Dean and Alexandra Cardinale researched the psychology of raising money and concluded that fundraisers efforts are most effective when using personal stories. We worked with Live To Give to create an online storytelling platform that helps people tap into their social network to raise money for any of the 1.6 million registered nonprofits in the United States.

The Approach

Because Live To Give is a small startup, with limited initial capital, we recommended approaching things with a lean startup methodology. This meant breaking down their product to its essential elements and not adding any unnecessary extras in the first iteration. This approach greatly reduced initial costs and accelerated the release date.

The UX

The core user experience loop for Live To Give revolves around discovery, donation, and building up your story. These three pillars defined the foundation that drove the User Experience design which would encourage visitors to to browse stories and guide users to present their stories in a way that would maximize their fundraising efforts.

The Design

The stories people posted on Live To Give needed to really feel personal so it was important that, right from the very beginning, a user’s story was something that they could take pride in and feel ownership over. To achieve this we created a functional and flexible template that allows users to customize their story with images and videos while still remaining within an effective fundraising structure.

The App

After the website was completed we designed and built an iPhone application that would allow fundraisers to reach out to their network using text messages. Textings highly personal form of communication makes it the ideal tool to jump start new fundraising campaigns. The Apps simple three step process makes it easy to quickly engage separate circles of friends or family with different personalized texts.
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Since launch Live to Give has been able to acquire more funding to continue expanding their venture and has raised thousands of dollars for dozens of charities that help people around the world. We are continuing to work with Live To Give on new improvements for the site in addition to an iOS app specifically designed to help users share their story with friends via text message.