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Scalable, extensible software positions Focal Revenue as attractive acquisition partner

Focal Revenue is a business intelligence platform for the hotel industry. It aggregates data from numerous property management systems as well as other sources and consolidates it into a common analytics language. Hospitality management executives use the platform to generate reports that help guide their sales, marketing and pricing decisions.

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Three co-founders launched Focal Revenue in 2018. They created the platform not only to automate manual processes that were time-consuming for hoteliers, but also provide valuable business insights.

The co-founders built out the initial prototype and took it to market in 2019. They experienced early product market success, eventually supporting seven different hotel management companies that operated 50 hotels.

client challenges
  • 01
    Limited Time and Resources

    As a boot-strapped startup, the co-founders quickly realized they needed additional engineering support to keep up with a growing business.

  • 02
    Third-Party Concerns

    Focal Revenue sought high-quality, cost-efficient development resources but worried that they would be unable to find a third-party developer who would treat the platform as if it were their

what we did
After a trusted mutual connection recommended MEV, Focal Revenue hired the software development firm.

Initially, Focal Revenue requested one Python developer to help on the project, but both Focal Revenue and MEV soon realized that the complex project required a more mature service model to ensure a successful implementation within the required timeframe. MEV then assembled a dedicated team—two delivery managers and four engineers— to cover all phases of the software delivery process.

With the expanded team in place, MEV carried out a number of critical deliverables:

  • 01


    Hotels use a property management system (PMS) to manage bookings and other services, but not all hotels use the same one.

    MEV integrated different hotel management systems into the Focal Revenue platform, including:

    • Opera v5 PMS, a legacy version of Opera from Oracle
    • Opera Cloud
    • Stayntouch, a cloud-based hotel management system that leverages APIs
    • SMS|Host, a hotel management system that relies on legacy architecture and XML/CSV data
  • 02

    Event-Driven Architecture & Data Pipelines

    MEV designed event-driven architecture for each PMS that Focal Revenue integrates with.
    It also created data pipelines to ingest and normalize the data from the various hotel management systems.
    Data Pipelines:

  • 03

    Existing Integrations

    In addition to the new integrations, MEV worked on stabilizing and scaling pre-existing Focal Revenue integrations as well.

    The MEV team’s expertise meant they saw solutions that I didn’t see.

    Whenever I had to decide on a solution, they would highlight three paths, based on speed to deployment, scalability, or cost, for example. It made it easy for me—as a less technical person—to make
    the best decisions for the product.

    Mike Medsker
    Co-Founder and President, Focal Revenue

  • 01/Scalable for growth

    Focal Revenue now supports 15 hotel management groups that operate about 400 hotels.

  • 02/Stable, commercial-grade software

    MEV’s contributions ensured that Focal Revenue provided a stable solution for its clients.

  • 03/Favorable to acquisition

    The high quality of the product and the depth of the integrations enabled Focal Revenue to gain widespread industry attention and position Focal Revenue as an attractive acquisition partner. Focal Revenue was acquired after MEV completed the work.

MEV has a deep desire to understand what a platform does, what functionality it delivers, and how it creates value for customers.

That allows MEV to develop technology solutions that not only solve complex challenges, but also build a platform that is scalable and extensible. As we’ve grown to 400 hotels, our system’s performance is keeping pace, and our integrations meet the demands of our customers.”

Mike Medsker
Co-Founder and President, Focal Revenue

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