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Using digital signing technology to bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans, especially with the absence of in-person events.
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About Fangage

Fangage is a company that leverages technology to bridge the gap between fans and their favorite celebrities. Starting with an idea in 2016, the technology skyrocketed in 2020 with the absence of in-person events. Now Fangage helps fans from 20 different countries across the world get authentic autographs from their favorite celebrities.

Fangage technology makes it simpler to receive authentic autographs. They use facial recognition technology to verify that every autograph is authentic. Fangage is the first to stream signing events LIVE. Working with top-athletes from NFL and NBA, the company sent more than 20,000 autographed photos to fans in 2020. The platform’s ability to connect fans to athletes and celebrities far from their locales is what sets Fangage apart from similar technologies.


Client Challenges

Fangage had an exciting opportunity to win the market, but as a startup, they had limited resources. The company partnered with MEV to quickly revamp their website given an upcoming press release.

Gap in Sales and Marketing

Recognizing the website as a critical asset in their marketing and sales process, Fangage needed a site that could efficiently manage this critical touchpoint.

Limited Time

Fangage had only a week to solve their problems and cover the most important needs before starting a positive press campaign.

Bad Is Worse than None

Fangage had an old outdated website that might negatively affect the brand.

Undefined Target Audience

Fangage needed help identifying their target audience since the idea had changed a lot over the last 4 years.

What We Did


Customer Personas

MEV’s Strategy team, led by MEV’s Creative Director, partnered with Fangage to define their target audience/prospects and arm them with the proper strategy to communicate with this group of people. The strategy session resulted in Customer Personas containing defining details about their target audiences’ problems, concerns, and motivations.


  • Within 4 days of working with MEV's Strategist and Designers, Fangage had a working model of their website that communicates with different audiences and addresses the issues that are relevant to them.
  • The Discovery and Strategy Phases helped Fangage to understand and segment their target audience better. So now they have a better understanding of how to engage their ideal prospects and communicate with them.
  • Fangage closed the gap in their sales and marketing process with a new website that is able to capture inbound interest. Within the first day of launch, they received inbound requests for information from Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets, Minnesota Vikings, and World Juniors Hockey Tournament organizers.
  • With a new website, Fangage can now be completely confident in helping fans everywhere.

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