CourseHorse is a NYC based startup whose goal is to make it easier for users to find and enroll in the best classes in New York City and now also Los Angeles.

When Coursehorse came to MEV they were a small start-up with some very big plans. We’ve worked with them throughout their development into what is now a successful and expanding enterprise.

The robust platform we built enables potential students to search and purchase classes and providers to upload and maintain class information and schedules.

A Distributed Application (web-based software) we developed handles all aspects of their business operations from getting class and schedule data from educational providers, to the custom built search engine, to gathering billing and usage information for analytical purposes.

We utilized a technology stack consisting of:

CH Technologies

Coursehorse was Integrated with the following external systems: MindBody, Google Analytics(advanced integration), ClickTale, PayPal, Google Maps, EventBrite(under development currently), various individual educational providers.

We continue to work alongside Coursehorse through a constant cycle of iterative analysis and product development driven by the needs of it’s growing users.