Cartier is a world-renowned high end jewelry and watchmaking company who needed to develop their extranet website. We worked with Cartier to design and develop a 2 part system comprised of an internal communications website — the Extranet — that is aimed to serve as a hub for various news and communication publications and a specialized inventory management and search tool for High Jewelry items. The High Jewelry Search is geared towards use in retail environment and available both on iPad and Web.

Being an internal communications hub, The Extranet contains a large number of internal publications, documents and media assets, as well as various department calendars. All of the content on the Extranet and High Jewelry system is maintained through the custom administrative section, specifically developed to streamline the publication process. All the data on the Extranet (and High Jewelry system) is indexed and searchable. Search on the Extranet is powered by open source search engine (Xapian) while High Jewelry search is partially powered by Xapian(for free text search) but also incorporates our custom built search engine that allows users to search and filter items by specific parameters, such as gem stones, metals, diamond cuts and others.

Both systems are integrated with Cartier’s user management systems(Active Directory). We are currently working with Cartier to introduce single-sign on capabilities through Active Directory Federation Services in one of the follow up releases.

We utilized a technology stack consisting of: