JavaScript Engineer (React.js / Node.js )

We work with an early-stage startup in San Francisco seeking to disrupt an inefficient customer service model. Our project is an outsourcing service that integrates with third-party systems to provide customer experience services.


Poland, Ukraine (Cherkasy, Lviv), Remote



  • technical details

    Stack: React.js v.16.13.0, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Parse, Kafka, MongoDB, Mongoose + Typegoose, GraphQL, AWS (SQS, KMS, S3), Microservices.

  • job highlights
    • It’s no problem for us if your backend experience is based on another programming language if you want to switch to the JS stack
    • Work in the context of the current job consists of 80/20 frontend to backend
    • Several Web Apps on React
    • Lots of third-party API integrations
    • The platform has a live production, and features in the release begin to be used immediately
    • It is possible to communicate directly with the customer, which gives you the opportunity to improve your English
    • Opportunity to develop coding and design skills both on the back-end and front-end sides
  • responsibilities
    • Support, optimization, and develop new features on Web Apps
    • New features on Decision Tree (one of the parts of Web App)
    • Refactoring of existing code base
    • Troubleshooting, reverse engineering of the existing codebase
    • Investigations/PoCs
    • Writing unit tests
    • Code review
    • Communicating with the entire development team, including the team in the USA
    • Working with business requirements from clarification to ready state
    • Ability to propose new ideas that can be added to the workflow
  • qualifications
    • 2+ years of experience building Web Applications
    • Experience with React
    • Experience with Node.js or desire to switch to JS stack from other programming languages
    • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Experience with non-relational databases such as MongoDB
    • Understanding Basics Design Patterns
    • A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals, data structures, algorithms and object-oriented design practices
    • Following the basic programming principles (DRY, KISS, Abstraction Principle, Avoid Creating a YAGNI)
    • Experience in unit testing
    • At least Intermediate level of English
  • project stage

    We have been working on this project for 5 years, it has grown from a startup to a successful product. Now the stage of active development is continuing.

  • workflow

    Scrum development, two-weeks sprints. Daily meetings at 10:00 AM GMT+3;

  • team composition

    Our team currently consists of 14 people: 8 Dev’s, 2 QA’s, 2 AQA`s, DevOps, Delivery Manager.

  • development opportunities

    We support career development. The company has an established review process and offers opportunities to grow. You can advance to a Senior, Tech Lead position, try new technologies, or even switch into management. It all depends on your desire and motivation.

  • our benefits
    • $600 education budget
    • Health insurance starting on the first working day
    • $600 extra for the health care, sports or mental health
    • Accounting services
    • 20 paid working days off and 10 days sick leave
    • Relocation reimbursement
    • Soulful team buildings and corporate events
  • work conditions
    • Trial period:
      3 months
    • Work schedule:
      Flexible working schedule, 8-hours working day, five-day workweek
    • Equipment providing:
      We provide a MacBook Pro and, if necessary, a monitor or other equipment
    • Remote work opportunity:
      We provide the opportunity to work either remotely or from one of our offices
  • why us
    • No micromanagement or bureaucracy
    • We find out the “Why?” first
    • High quality standard of project development
    • Ability to work in a team of professionals (the ratio of middle and upper specialists is 80/20)
    • Freedom to engage in decision-making and implementation
    • We build a working relationship based on partnership among each other and with our clients
  • Office locations:

    Ukraine, Lviv, M.Voronoho str., 3; Cherkasy, Shulezhko str., 100

  • Hiring process:

    The hiring process consists of two steps: a 1-hour interview with HR and, depending on the result of the first interview, a 1.5-hour Tech Interview

  • Overtime policy:

    In general, overtimes are not something we practice, but in case of an emergency, and if there is an agreement between the manager and the developer, overtime will be compensated financially

HR manager

Angelina Spryniuk

LinkedinArrowemail for contacts:angelina.spryniuk@mev.com
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