Firmware Engineer (Poland)

We are developing a platform that consists of devices, their firmware, mobile application, and the administrative part. The project goal is testing viral diseases, including COVID, for clinics and home use. The project features are HIPAA Compliance and a high focus on data security.


Poland, Remote



  • technical details

    C, C++, Nordic SDK, FreeRTOS, additional NodeJS, and Python; 

    Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins.

  • job highlights
    • Healthcare domain and the goal of the project – is to find the best possible solution for real problems
    • A new project, ambitious plans for growth
    • Ability to make technical and architectural decisions
    • Involved stakeholders (Product Owner, Quality Assurance Manager, etc.)
    • Product is complex in its nature, regarding logic and implementation
    • Ownership of the component – when you’re creating something – it is your responsibility to make it work
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • High focus on data security
    • Agile/Lean processes and Scrum ceremonies
  • responsibilities
    • Firmware development and solution design for a hardware device to fulfill new requirements
    • Collaborate with other application owners to design system-level solutions
    • Integrate automation testing to provide quality
    • Support existing documentation
    • Unifying two different versions of firmware to a unified firmware to comply with different versions of products
    • Troubleshooting & debugging
  • qualifications
    • 3-5+ years of experience in embedded development, including Real-Time communication embedded systems
    • Strong C/C++ knowledge
    • Strong security background (MITM, tampering, data encryption, brute force protection, basic security practices, etc.)
    • Experience with BLE protocol
    • Be ready to onboard to Nordic SoC, Nordic SDK, and FreeRTOS technologies
    • Good understanding of processor architecture, SW-HW interfaces, and Operating Systems
    • At least Intermediate level of English
    • Experience with Python will be a plus
    • Experience with Nordic SoC, Nordic SDK, and FreeRTOS technologies will be a plus
  • project stage

    Pre-release stage. In plan more 3 realizes in nearest 4 months.

  • workflow
    • Methodology – SCRUM/Lean
    • Sprint duration – 2 weeks
    • Ceremonies:
      • Team daily stand-up
      • Daily sync with PO
      • Sprint Retrospective
      • Sprint Demo
      • Sprint planning/sprint start
    • Client timezone – PST (-10)
  • team composition

    1 Firmware Engineer, Architect, 5 Software Engineers, DevOps, 1 QA, and a Delivery Manager.

  • our benefits
    • $600 education budget
    • Health insurance starting on the first working day
    • $600 extra for the health care, sports or mental health
    • 20 paid working days off and 10 days sick leave
    • Soulful team buildings and corporate events
  • work conditions
    • Trial period:
      3 months
    • Work schedule:
      Flexible working schedule, 8-hours working day, five-day workweek
    • Equipment providing:
      We provide a MacBook Pro and, if necessary, a monitor or other equipment
    • Remote work opportunity:
      We provide the opportunity to work either remotely or from one of our offices
  • why us
    • No micromanagement or bureaucracy
    • We find out the “Why?” first
    • High quality standard of project development
    • Ability to work in a team of professionals (the ratio of middle and upper specialists is 80/20)
    • Freedom to engage in decision-making and implementation
    • We build a working relationship based on partnership among each other and with our clients
  • Office locations:

    Ukraine, Lviv, M.Voronoho str., 3; Cherkasy, Shulezhko str., 100

  • Hiring process:

    The hiring process consists of 3 steps: a 1-hour interview with HR and, depending on the result of the first interview, a 1.5-hour Tech Interview, and an interview with a customer

  • Overtime policy:

    In general, overtimes are not something we practice, but in case of an emergency, and if there is an agreement between the manager and the developer, overtime will be compensated financially

HR manager

Sofiia Nosar

LinkedinArrowemail for contacts:sofiia.nosar@mev.com
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